Financial Planning Internship Program

I decided to start offering financial planning internships back in 2017. The internships are offered to University students in their final year of study and gives them a chance to get practical experience in a real financial planning firm. Without practical experience, it is difficult for new graduates to break into the job market, as nobody wants to train them. Our 6-month internships ensure that graduates are job ready and can hit the ground running.

My motivation for offering internships is twofold;

  1. We get a chance to shape the next generation of financial planners. Teach them a comprehensive approach to financial advice.
  2. This is my chance to give back to an industry that has given me so much fulfilment and success.

We have hosted three interns so far, who are all now in full-time employment. I’m also confident our current intern Mary Ann will secure a full-time job at the end of this year when she graduates. So the program has been a real success so far.

Greg’s obsession with protecting biodiversity continues.

Earlier this year Greg has taken on another bush regeneration site at Cliveden Avenue Reserve in Corinda. After putting hundreds of hours into the Salisbury site at Rocky Waterholes Creek, Greg decided that some of that time could be shared at another important local area.

The site at Corinda is an endangered dry rain forest ecosystem and is home to an endangered plant. The native ecosystem is under threat due to being highly impacted by suburbia. The reserve is across the creek from Oxley Creek Common which is world renowned for the number of birds that live and visit this area.

Greg will work at the Corinda site at least once a month putting nearly all efforts into controlling invasive environmental weeds like Cats Claw Creeper and applying for grants to contract professional bush regenerators. The aim is to help the native rain forest grow back and provide habitat for the numerous birds and other native wildlife.

Scholarships making a difference

It’s great to have Miss Oranan Kruesobjang come back to Australia to stay with us for 8 weeks. She’ll be furthering her English skills through attendance at Brown College. Oranan was our first scholarship student and comes from Northern Thailand. She has become like family and it’s great to see the benefits of the scholarship program.

Chickens and Christmas cards

Hand writing Christmas cards is becoming a big task as the client numbers grow, my hand is killing me! But I am so grateful for all the wonderful clients we get to look after and who make this business possible. Each Christmas card represents a chicken donated to a family in a developing country via oxfam! #oxfam #grateful

Scholarship update

Received this beautiful post card message from our Thai scholarship student Poon. This is a picture of her with her mother and sisters. We hope to visit them at Christmas this year and offer another scholarship to one of her sisters. Very smart girls who just need a small financial boost to realise their potential.

Bush care South Brisbane

We donated the funds for Rocky Waterholes group to purchase more than 300 plants for the local creek. The full financial planning team travelled over from the north side of Brisbane to spend a couple of hours planting on the upper bank next to the Senior Citizens Centre. A big thanks to the everyone for taking time out of their own weekend to help us. We ended up planting over 250 sedges, shrubs and trees. There are over 100 more to be planted in this area over the next week or two.

Junior Motor Cross sponsorship

Dalton financial partners is proud to sponsor top 10 Queensland motor cross rider Cleveland Lade. We will be covering his tyre needs this year, as apparently he will be going through a few of these in his quest for top spot. Cleveland is the son of Andrew and Casey, who have been long term clients of our practice.


Christmas cards providing work

It’s that time of year of again. The Christmas card list grows longer and my RSI gets worse, but I’m SO grateful to all my wonderful clients and for what this business has become. This year we placed our large card and gift order through Second chance Bangkok. The mother of one of our sponsor children works here. A really good little ‘not for profit’ that I’ve personally visited. 🎄

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Work experience

Great to have Michael Prince from St Patricks college join us for a week of work experience. I attended St Patricks myself, graduating back in 1997. Michael is currently completing a business diploma and is a bit of a wiz when it comes to spreadsheets and calculations. As an ‘old boy’ of St Pats it is great to give back to the College when I can.

Thailand visit – July 2017

It was great to get out to Northern Thailand and catch up with our friends. To the bottom right of the picture above is Praw, our first sponsor student. She has since graduated from University and is now working in a fashion boutique. It’s been amazing to watch her transformation. When we met her 4 years ago, she was a very shy and scrawny young lady who couldn’t speak much English. Now she is a confident individual who speaks fluent English. Praw came to stay with us in early 2016 and this did a lot for her English skills and general confidence. Her and my wife have become very close friends, almost like mother and daughter.

The student crouching next to her is Poon, who is one of our current sponsor students. She has a bright future with an A+ average at school and such ambition. I think that coming from a challenging background can really motivate you to do well and break away from your circumstances. Poon and her mother (pictured above her) flew in from Bangkok to join us in Chiang Mai on this day and this was the first time they had both been on a plane! We had such a wonderful day together.

Both myself and my wife feel blessed to be in a position to give back.