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Make life better for those struggling in the here and now.

That philosophy is something that Josh is trying to practice at Dalton Financial Partners. In 2015, while travelling in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife Janine, Josh learned about a charity organisation called Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH)

UNOH is a Christian Missionary, but unlike a traditional missionary who provides only spiritual guidance, the members of UNOH become part of impoverished communities, bringing practical help to those in need. They try to reduce the burden of poverty at a grassroots level. 

The UNOH volunteers based in Bangkok actually live in the slums with their own families, setting up social enterprises and helping families who are experiencing extreme poverty. They do this by supporting orphaned children, teaching children English, setting up op shops to provide clothing and jobs and providing whatever practical support they can. This can be as simple as caring for children while their parents work, or providing food and comfort. They become part of the community by living alongside them. 

Not everyone can pack up their lives and their families and live in the slums. But during his 2015 Bangkok trip, and finding out about the incredible work that UNOH was doing, Josh did see a way he could help.

After meeting a single Mum of four daughters, who was struggling to send them to school and spend any time with them while working long hours, Josh saw a practical way he could provide assistance. As someone who values education and was privileged enough to receive such a good education himself, Josh wanted to see other children be given the best chance in life through proper education. 

With that understanding that we are all equal, no matter who we are or where we are from, Josh and Janine began sponsoring the single Mother and her daughters, sending over $2,500 per year to pay for their schooling. 

The eldest daughter Poon, has shown a real love for learning and is now studying tourism and Japanese at University. She wants to move to Japan and launch her career. To help support this dream, Josh and Janine have recently gifted her a new laptop, as her previous one had seen better days.

This kind of support helps to lift the burden of poverty, and makes a real practical difference to the lives of children who otherwise may not have been able to continue their education.