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To educate girls is to reduce poverty

Those wise words were spoken by Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations. 

And it is with those wise words in mind, that Dalton Financial Partners continues their support of Poon and her family in Thailand. They are a family of four girls, led by their hard working single Mother Khun Pui, who are striving for a better future in Thailand through better education. 

As you can imagine, 2021 was a difficult year for everyone, this inspiring family included. The difficulties of lockdown and studying online have been extremely challenging in Thailand. Many students do not have access to laptops and smart devices at home, or even wifi. These technologies are a luxury that we take for granted. 

But despite the setbacks of the pandemic, all the girls in this family are continuing their study. And finding joy in their hobbies along the way.

The eldest daughter Poon is now in her third year of university. As well as studying, she is also working part time in the office of UNOH, working towards her dream of working in Japan in the tourism industry. 

Poon’s younger sisters are now also continuing their studies, Pin just had her first year at University, and Boom, Baam and Pun-Pun are continuing with their high school studies online. 

Despite doing well in their studies, the financial situation of this family has been impacted by the pandemic. 

Because of COVID-related disruption to Pin’s university entrance, she is now attending a non-government university where the costs are significantly more per year. The next five years are a critical time for this family as the girls grow older and reach university age, the fees will rise and the financial burden on this single Mum will increase. 

The support of Dalton Financial Partners is more important than ever. This support enables these young women to receive opportunities to learn and in turn create more opportunities for others. 

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