Monthly Archives: June 2019

Support for QLD junior dirt bike rider continues

Our support for Cleveland Lade, QLD junior dirt bike rider continues. Cleveland is the son of Casey and Andrew, who are long term clients of Dalton FP. So when the opportunity came up to sponsor him, we were more than happy to get involved.

Financial Planning Internship Program

I decided to start offering financial planning internships back in 2017. The internships are offered to University students in their final year of study and gives them a chance to get practical experience in a real financial planning firm. Without practical experience, it is difficult for new graduates to break into the job market, as nobody wants to train them. Our 6-month internships ensure that graduates are job ready and can hit the ground running.

My motivation for offering internships is twofold;

  1. We get a chance to shape the next generation of financial planners. Teach them a comprehensive approach to financial advice.
  2. This is my chance to give back to an industry that has given me so much fulfilment and success.

We have hosted three interns so far, who are all now in full-time employment. I’m also confident our current intern Mary Ann will secure a full-time job at the end of this year when she graduates. So the program has been a real success so far.