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Turning a dream into a reality

There is no doubt that the future generation is very inspiring, with bigger dreams and aspirations than any other generation before them. 

There is nobody that fits that category of young and inspirational more than Vienna, a 12 year old budding musician, playing the violin with the Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra. 

Vienna dedicates hours of her life to practising and playing the violin, her dream to one day study at the Conservatory for Music in Brisbane. 

Vienna’s life as a violinist began at just age two. 

An age where most children are only just learning to run and talk, Vienna heard a family member play a violin. She immediately picked up a pair of chopsticks and began trying to imitate how they were playing. The chopsticks were soon replaced with a bow, with professional lessons beginning at age eight. She was a natural.

Every week Vienna plays and practices the instrument, taking part in ensembles and workshops. Her mother never has to remind her to practice, she loves playing so much and enjoys nothing more than playing for people. Without nerves or hesitation, she shines on stage. 

The sort of dedication it takes to be a musician, especially in someone so young, is a huge endeavour, both personally and financially.

Dalton Financial Partners is proud to provide Vienna an ongoing music scholarship valued at over $5,000 per year, which she can use for extra lessons and workshops. We recognise the importance of the arts and supporting young people in their dreams. This scholarship will help Vienna maximise her potential as a musician. 

With the support of Dalton Financial Partners, Vienna hopes to one day audition for the Queensland Youth Orchestra. We cannot wait to see her achieve this dream and to be in the audience when she plays.

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