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Thailand visit – July 2017

It was great to get out to Northern Thailand and catch up with our friends. To the bottom right of the picture above is Praw, our first sponsor student. She has since graduated from University and is now working in a fashion boutique. It’s been amazing to watch her transformation. When we met her 4 years ago, she was a very shy and scrawny young lady who couldn’t speak much English. Now she is a confident individual who speaks fluent English. Praw came to stay with us in early 2016 and this did a lot for her English skills and general confidence. Her and my wife have become very close friends, almost like mother and daughter.

The student crouching next to her is Poon, who is one of our current sponsor students. She has a bright future with an A+ average at school and such ambition. I think that coming from a challenging background can really motivate you to do well and break away from your circumstances. Poon and her mother (pictured above her) flew in from Bangkok to join us in Chiang Mai on this day and this was the first time they had both been on a plane! We had such a wonderful day together.

Both myself and my wife feel blessed to be in a position to give back.