The launch of our fund

When I started this business 5 years ago, it was always my goal to be able to ‘give back’ to worthwhile causes once the business had achieved a certain level of success. So I’m very proud to announce that 2017 will mark the launch of the Dalton FP Scholarship and Community fund. (I hope to eventually settle on a name much shorter than this!)

We are aiming to allocate around $20,000 to the fund in its first year, which will come directly from the business. Although not a huge amount, it’s a great start. We are also likely to pick up support from business associates and some of our wealthier clients.

The fund will focus on 2 areas:

Overseas student scholarships: My mother came from a poor country and she was only able to complete grade 5. She sacrificed a lot in her life to help her sons get a good education and I’m so grateful for the opportunities. This is why I’m very passionate about giving that same opportunity to students in poorer countries. Students who have great potential, but maybe not the resources to realise their dreams. Through our network of contacts in South East Asia, we will try and locate individuals that deserve this support.

A scholarship worth $2,000 a year goes a long way over there. 

Local community projects: Our main office is located in Sandgate, the area I grew up in. It’s a very community orientated area and we would like to support worthwhile local projects. I enjoy giving directly to the smaller, less noticed causes. This is not about ‘sponsoring’ to get our name out there, but trying to find these smaller causes that are important but often overlooked. We also enjoy encouraging and sponsoring our clients with their fundraisers, so some of the funds will likely go here too.

Anyway, exciting times ahead. I am so grateful to all my wonderful clients who we love working with and have made this fund a possibility. 

– Josh D