Overseas students supported through Dalton FP

Phailin joined our scholarship support program in mid 2016. She’s a bright young lady from Northern Thailand looking to make a splash in the Accounting space. She is currently studying at the university in Bangkok and looking to graduate in early 2018. Her level of english concerns me, as fluent english is a major advantage in the business world…..so we are working hard on this.

Miss Wijittra Ruenkosum, a young hardworking Year 11 student from Klon Toey Bangkok. I think this girl has huge potential and we have decided to support her so that she may remain in a good school. She dreams of travelling and working in Japan.  

I believe in supporting students in developing countries, as they are not entitled to the same support as those of us in developed countries. Often these students will not reach their potential due to a lack of funding for their education.